The Livinge Yoga & Wellness Experience

"Your house has a beautiful soul"
- Maya Mallick
Reservations for the Livinge Yoga and Wellness Retreat are now closed. Another one is planned for May 2020, so watch this space, or get in touch via our booking page if you want to find out more. In the meanwhile we leave you with a little taster of the last Livinge Yoga and Wellness Retreat, to give you an idea of what's in store..

Yoga and Wellness in beautiful, peaceful surroundings

“If you want to find the secrets of of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” wrote the Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla, one hundred years ago.

Twenty first century lives are busy and can cause pronounced imbalances in the Heart/Mind axis. On this retreat, you will de-fog the mind and cleanse the body, through relaxation techniques, yoga, and learning personal development tools. When you leave, you will have better control over your health, improved clarity in your day to day life, and greater vitality.

Come and join us for the Livinge Yoga and Wellness Experience, from 24th-30th September 2019.

The Team...

Liv Inge and her London-based team, comprising of yoga instructor Rebecca Bradley, chef Sophie Gordon, and healer and alchemist Michelle Roques O’Neil will guide you through the week’s yoga and wellness activities. The retreat will end with a concert on the back terrace with acclaimed harpiste Chantal Thomas d’Hoste...
lit by the setting sun over the Serein Valley.

The Experience...

Alongside the scheduled treatments and classes with our team of wellness experts, there will be ample time to explore the beautiful countryside or relax in one of the varied spaces in the château and its garden.

Get in touch to receive the programme for more information about the retreat. 
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